A lifelong Lakewood resident, I am excited for the opportunity to contribute to student success. Education is a core family value in our home. My husband Ryan and I want to raise a family here and be proud to send them to district schools. My mother was a career public school teacher, which ingrained me with insight into concerns arising within schools and an understanding of the potential of all students, no excuses.

The District needs to improve public transparency. Bullet point board agendas need to be replaced with web postings of descriptive agendas including backup materials. The District needs to improve intergovernmental cooperation to maximize the utility of public assets. Nepotism policies need to be strengthened to improve fairness and employee morale. The District needs to do more to leverage rather than discourage volunteers and community partners. Extracurricular programs such as sports contribute greatly to student engagement, confidence, community pride and academic success. They need greater emphasis. Although graduation rates have increased, test scores have stagnated below state averages. We can’t be satisfied with the present course.

Board members have been absent from community events. I will be engaged, accessible and will listen.

Please honor me with your vote.

Senator Steve O'Ban
Representative Dick Muri
Pierce County Executive, Bruce Dammeier
Mayor of Lakewood, Don Anderson
Deputy Mayor of Lakewood, Jason Whalen
City of Lakewood Councilmember, Marie Barth
City of Lakewood Councilmember, John Simpson 
BG (Ret) Oscar Hilman
Pierce County Republican Party